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Small Business Software Solutions

Here at BlueFocus, we will work with you and your small business to help build software solutions which will be manageable, affordable, and built specifically to solve your problem.

Website Design & Development

We are an independent digital business based in Melbourne, and are committed to delivering engaging and user-friendly web solutions.

Consulting & Process Improvement

We believe in making use of the best tools and practices, but choosing which of those to apply in a particular situation is our specialty. We are here to help you, your business or organisation learn to grow.

Recent Works

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Now Hiring: Senior Software Unicorn

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[DISCLAIMER: First, for you avid job-seekers, sorry, this isn’t an advert for a role at BlueFocus.] Whilst we like to pride ourselves on our flexibility and talent, even we recognise that at times, a specialty set of skills is called for. Lately though it sometimes seems that calling for expert-level skills in everything seems to be the

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5 small software development steps to a happier (future) you

Software development at times feels like a one-hundred-metre dash. At times it feels like a never-ending endurance race. At yet other times, software development is a whole series of short races, where you are blindfolded, spun around in circles before starting, and then criticised for not having already crossed the finish line yesterday. Given the

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High Quality Code: It’s all in the details.

Over the years, I have worked with developers of all skill levels. And I have been a developer of many skill levels; from the non-developer rolling out barely-functional code to solve some pressing business problem, to the high-end experts who often seem to do no wrong. [I like to think that my quality/skill curve is

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