BlueFocus is an Australian-based provider of high quality software solutions for small business and enterprise clients. We specialise in bespoke software and website design to help your business grow, or simply eliminate redundancies and duplication in your daily processes.

We are a family business, working out of Melbourne, Australia and have been providing our services to clients both big and small for over 15 years. Our small staff consists of dedicated engineers, a designer, copy writers, testers and administration, all of whom are committed to high quality work (with quite a bit of perfectionism thrown in)!

We are up to speed with the latest in development tools, issue tracking, devops and source control. We offer a range of services within the IT Industry:

  • consulting services (personal, professional and pro-bono);
  • independent, customised software solutions;
  • software engineering and coding;
  • guidance and training on website management (any web platform, old or new);
  • website architecture, design and development;
  • better practices, review and training for your existing development team;
  • source control assistance and code review;
  • agile (e.g. scrum, kanban) training & management services;
  • process improvement consulting including release management, automated testing & deployment

A little on the ‘Techie’ side!

If you’re after a specific language or technology, we have a range of experienced techies here who can help solve your problems. We use a wide range of technologies on a daily basis and these include:

  • Microsoft.NET
  • WPF, WinForms
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • (RESTful) Web Services
  • Laravel, Zend, WordPress
  • Django
  • HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Stylus, Bootstrap and Node.js.
  • Entity Framework
  • Python
  • PHP

We have extensive experience with Unit Test tools and frameworks including:

  • MSTest, NUnit
  • Rhino Mocks
  • Microsoft Fakes
  • Selenium automated web testing

Extensive experience within our team around database design and management, including SQL Server, Amazon DynamoDB, MySQL, Microsoft Access & PostgreSQL.

We always use Source Control and whilst we prefer GIT for our own work, we have over the years become well-versed in Team Foundation Server (TFS), Subversion (SVN), Bazaar (BZR), CVS and Visual SourceSafe.

Phew, that’s a lot of acronyms and buzz-words! Just a note from us on the Techie side, if you are looking for a specific technology, just contact us and have a chat. Sometimes a quick question is all that’s needed regarding a particular technology/language and a short discussion may set you on track for finding the right tool or service for you!