Consulting, Training & Process Improvement

For many years now, BlueFocus has been providing some of the largest and smallest companies with advice on their systems, code and processes with a view to potential improvements. Process driven work takes up a large proportion of any employee’s time; data entry, filing, computing of sales figures, quoting, job prioritisation, inventory (and the list goes on!). All these internal systems take time from yourself and your employees to build, test, maintain and fix!

Here at BlueFocus, we recognise that quality improvements in software can minimize processes, and repetitive work if done right! Process improvements aren’t just something for the big-players either. Quality consulting and process improvement is something available to everyone, big or small.

For example:

  • an established development team looking to reduce bug count, and improve software quality;
  • a startup or new team trying to decide which tech stack will be best for them, to minimise boilerplate, and streamline development & deployment;
  • a small at-home handmade business wanting to improve their customer management and dispatch systems – give us a call; or

Here at BlueFocus we pride ourselves in the details, we focus on the needs of the client and we make provisions for the future in our current work! We feel that the best results are achieved when we work in partnership with you and your team. Oftentimes, the goal isn’t necessarily best practice, but rather better practice. Small changes can have big impacts in the software and technology space.

We believe is making use of the best tools and practices, but choosing which of those to apply in a particular situation is out specialty. We are here to help you, your business or organisation learn to grow. We utilise your own internal skill base in our advice and focus on improving internal processes around your business model. We have years of experience working with individuals and teams to obtain the best results for the business.

How it works:

Once contact has been made with BlueFocus and your needs discussed, BlueFocus will provide you with a brief no-obligation free assessment of need and quote for services. BlueFocus will consult, develop a strategy, promote tools and processes, train you and your team and even review your code! We also provide training and ongoing support for these new systems so you are always one phone-call away from assistance when needed.

Contact us today if there is room in your business for process improvement!