Pro-Bono IT Systems Development

From the smallest local Playgroup to a work-at-home mum, to a large International Community Development NGO, BlueFocus has plenty of experience in providing quality ProBono IT systems assessment and development. We do this because we love to assist the broader community in their goals. We recognise that not all organisations can afford custom built IT systems however feel that it is these organisations which need them the most. It is the small community neighborhood house who needs a good website to assist more people, it is the local playgroup who needs a better membership database to engage with more children, and it is the International NGO who needs to be able to evaluate their impact on developing communities.

It is these organisations (regardless of how big or small) that BlueFocus assists yearly. We do so by setting up free websites, building free databases, organising free newsletter capabilities,  sorting out your email addresses… the list goes on!

How it works:

If you think your organisation/small business/non-profit is in need of pro-bono assistance from BlueFocus, contact us via email Include information such as:

  • Organisation/business/company name,
  • Contact details (include phone, email & website),
  • Brief description of what you want or need, and;
  • A brief note as to why you think we should engage with you in our pro-bono program (why you?).

Once contact has been made with BlueFocus, we evaluate your request alongside other similar requests received. We reply to every request received for pro-bono work with either a ‘waitlist’ or ‘shortlisted’ classification. As BlueFocus can only take on a few pro-bono projects at a time, those who are shortlisted will be contacted to discuss their needs and prioritised for work as required. BlueFocus will then consult, design and develop any software, website, social media presence, databases, spreadsheets, training materials etc. as needed to complete your project. BlueFocus will also provide ongoing support for these new systems (if required) so you are only one phone-call away from assistance should you need it.

If you are wait-listed, your request isn’t lost, don’t worry! Often our wait list is quite short, just waiting on a developer to have some extra time to get through the shortlisted issues and they will contact you for a chat on your needs soon. If in the meantime your issues are resolved, please contact us and we will remove you from the wait-list.

Contact us today if you would like to engage BlueFocus as your pro-bono IT saviour!