Small Business Bespoke Software Solutions

Hearing about an IT issue or software problem is just what we love at BlueFocus!

We love to hear about:

  • the long labour-intensive spreadsheets people struggle with;
  • the outdated websites you aren’t able to update yourself;
  • the lack of newsletter/mail-outs from your company, costing your company the chance to capture your own clients in for secondary business; or
  • the lack of social media/web presence.

We love to hear these things because we have stacks of experience in small software and web based solutions for small business, family businesses and NGOs.

Here at BlueFocus, we will work with you and your small business to help build software solutions which will be manageable, affordable, and built specifically to solve your problem. We are passionate about small business, supporting mums working from home, and all things Australian made! We are also a family-run business and we deliver quality bespoke software for clubs, playgroups, community development organisations, work-at-home-mums, and small businesses on a daily basis. Contact us to chat about your idea or issue, we LOVE to hear them and love to jump right in and help!

How it works:

Once contact has been made with BlueFocus and your needs discussed, BlueFocus will provide you with a brief, no-obligation free quote for services. BlueFocus will consult, design and develop any software, website, social media presence, databases, spreadsheets, training materials etc. required to complete your project. BlueFocus will also provide ongoing support for these new systems (if required) so you are only one phone-call away from assistance should you need it.

Contact us today if there is room in your small business for custom built solutions!